Chromeo – Replacements Lyrics

Replacements Lyrics – Chromeo Growing up I would refuse to admit I might of had a type But every new encounter would never quite amount to my appetite And now

Chromeo – Words With You Lyrics

Words With You Lyrics – Chromeo When we met I thought to myself, “She must be Heaven sent” Ah, yeah But as of late Communication started to deteriorate Not great

Chromeo – Bad Decision Lyrics

Bad Decision by Chromeo Released : 2018 Don’t know what’s happening But this ain’t what I’m about It’s only been a week And I’m parked outside of your house I

Chromeo – Must’ve Been Lyrics

Feat. DRAM I must’ve been, babe Ooh, babe, yeah yeah One hit of you, I went through the roof Your love’s so strong, that’s a hundred proof Too much of