Chyng Diamond – Guess What Lyrics

Guess What Lyrics – Chyng Diamond Guess what? (Guess what?) Hey (Guess what?) Yeah, yeah (Woo) Guess what? Good news (Guess what?) I been loving me, thinking less of you

Chyng Diamond – Lose the Ugly Lyrics

Lose the Ugly Lyrics – Chyng Diamond Dirty booty bitches checkin coats but ain’t gone check me (yeah yeah) Real gutta bitch they gone respect me Make a nigga wait

Chyng Diamond – Get It Go Lyrics

Get It Go Lyrics – Chyng Diamond You see them niggas right there? Hop on the ass! Go go go go go Zoom, hop in the new Bugatti Tell them

Chyng Diamond – Luck Lyrics

Luck Lyrics – Chyng Diamond Luck, luck, luck, luck, don’t go pressing your luck (Grrah) Luck, luck, luck, luck (Boom-boom), don’t go pressing your luck Everything I do crazy Not

Chyng Diamond – Rambo Lyrics

Rambo Lyrics – Chyng Diamond (The Greatest) If I ask you a question, I been knew the answer Ain’t no need to be lying (Why?) ‘Cause that might trigger me,

Chyng Diamond – Trippin On Meh Lyrics

Trippin On Meh Lyrics – Chyng Diamond Run that bag Tell them niggas, run that bag (SGULL) Gang, ayy Niggga pulled up in a jag sayin’, “Let’s go” (Let’s go)

Chyng Diamond – Pop My Shit Lyrics

Pop My Shit Lyrics – Chyng Diamond Ooh This shorty is pretty than a motherfucker Mm (Ooh) Gang-gang-gang Ayy, pretty bitch but I’m still packing Been about action, you acting