Civil War – Dead Man’s Glory Lyrics

Dead Man’s Glory Lyrics – Civil War (Ionroir…) They came from the North Pillaging hoards Clamouring to rape and defile As their Longships break shore The horn blast of war,

Civil War – Invaders Lyrics

Invaders Lyrics – Civil War Paleface comes to ravage our birthplace Burning villages, murdering babes On the hunt for his gold Washington sends the orders and men with guns Seizing

Civil War – Heart Of Darkness Lyrics

Heart Of Darkness Lyrics – Civil War Underneath the midnight star I pray for day to break As the silvery moon makes the river shine Like the back of an

Civil War – Andersonville Lyrics

Andersonville Lyrics – Civil War June of 1864 Captured by the rebel foe Huddled on a greyback train to Georgia The devils knew what hell we’d see As they muzzled

Civil War – Carry On Lyrics

Carry On Lyrics – Civil War Racked with pain, you hit the earth Down the hill, into the dirt Your ragged heart pounds in the dark It’s bitter lonely dirge

Civil War – Warrior Soul Lyrics

Warrior Soul Lyrics – Civil War I am warrior soul Skin of leather and heart of stone Living the life death trembles to take Bones of the enemies in my

Civil War – Slaughterhouse 5 Lyrics

Slaughterhouse 5 Lyrics – Civil War And so it goes Unstuck in time, safe below Cold walls of grey Behind them, no feeling, no flame Death is raining from the

Civil War – Custer’s Last Stand Lyrics

Custer’s Last Stand Lyrics – Civil War The law of the Sioux, the rules of the earth ‘gainst desire White man was warned, a message written in blood Nature’s call,

CIVIL WAR – Oblivion Lyrics

CIVIL WAR – Oblivion Awakening from a thousand years of sleep My garden poisoned By a selfish blight Drunk on avarice, full of spite Far from grace you’ve fallen All

CIVIL WAR – Battle Of Life Lyrics

Battle Of Life Lyrics – CIVIL WAR Every hill seems a mountain high When you linger too long in its shadow Take a step and begin to climb Rise as