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Category: Common

Common – Hercules Lyrics

Hercules · Common This that Common, this that Common But none that we do is ever that common (Let’s go, woo) This that cold, this that cold (Woo) And none […]

Common – Fifth Story Lyrics

Fifth Story · Common They dated three years before they got married Lived next door to my homeboy Merry Right in South Shore where the bodies get buried Her family […]

Common – Forever Your Love Lyrics

Forever Your Love · Common When the day breaks, I display grace Through infinite takes, and heartbreaks The ground shakes, talks around race Through birth quakes, I keep my crown […]

Common – Leaders (Crib Love) Lyrics

Leaders (Crib Love) · Common I’m into Chi-Town heroes like Fred Hampton And neighborhood Deebos, the rebirth of D. Rose The eye of a eagle, I keep on the people […]

Common – Memories of Home Lyrics

Memories of Home · Common My first memory, my birthday on a party bus Pops wasn’t there but that wasn’t obvious In Mom’s arms, in God we trust Black Mama […]

Common – God Is Love Lyrics

God Is Love · Common The unconditional, critical mission, listen to The indivisible, mystical, it was meant for you And meant for me, infinitely Even been to prisons to visit […]

Common – Show Me That You Love Lyrics

Show Me That You Love by Common Embedded in emotion, I’m open, hoping whoever’s calling’s all in For the low-key it was O-M-O-Y-E I read my daughter’s name slowly I’m […]

Common – HER Love Lyrics

HER Love by Common (Feat. Daniel Caesar) One more try We have too far to stop, now Yeah, Dilla One more try It is all that we have now Two […]