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Category: Common

Common – Hercules Lyrics

Hercules · Common This that Common, this that Common But none that we do is ever that common (Let’s go, woo) This that cold, this that cold (Woo) And none […]

Common – Fifth Story Lyrics

Fifth Story · Common They dated three years before they got married Lived next door to my homeboy Merry Right in South Shore where the bodies get buried Her family […]

Common – Forever Your Love Lyrics

Forever Your Love · Common When the day breaks, I display grace Through infinite takes, and heartbreaks The ground shakes, talks around race Through birth quakes, I keep my crown […]

Common – Leaders (Crib Love) Lyrics

Leaders (Crib Love) · Common I’m into Chi-Town heroes like Fred Hampton And neighborhood Deebos, the rebirth of D. Rose The eye of a eagle, I keep on the people […]

Common – Memories of Home Lyrics

Memories of Home · Common My first memory, my birthday on a party bus Pops wasn’t there but that wasn’t obvious In Mom’s arms, in God we trust Black Mama […]