Conor Maynard – Enemies Lyrics

Enemies Lyrics – Conor Maynard I wipe your number from my phone and try pretend that I never loved ya (I never loved ya) I stay away from all the

Conor Maynard – Dark Side Lyrics

Dark Side Lyrics – Conor Maynard I’ve never been here before I gave you all my heart and more So why couldn’t you give me yours? What was I missin’?

Conor Maynard – How Am I Lyrics

How Am I Lyrics – Conor Maynard Tell me why I dreamt last night that you came back and we were doin’ fine (So) When I know that you would

Conor Maynard – Storage Lyrics

Storage Lyrics – Conor Maynard I wish I never took the time to learn the details What I should pick up for you when you didn’t feel well Like how

Conor Maynard – By Your Side Lyrics

By Your Side Lyrics – Conor Maynard There’s no conversation There’s nothing to say that’ll take us back There’s no way to change it No we’ll never salvage the plans

Conor Maynard – If I Ever Lyrics

If I Ever Lyrics – Conor Maynard (If I ever, if I ever, if I ever) If you ever change your mind And wish you never left me here all

Conor Maynard – Crowded Room Lyrics

Crowded Room Lyrics – Conor Maynard I still remember that perfect smile That you gave me the the first time I saw you I knew it then and I still

Conor Maynard – Not Over You Lyrics

Not Over You by Conor Maynard I heard you’re sleepin’ with somebody new I hope he leaves you, hope he cheats on you ‘Cause I’ll be right there to hold