Counterparts – Sworn To Silence Lyrics

Sworn To Silence Lyrics – Counterparts Sworn to silence Not another sterile sound Will escape from my jaw Sworn to silence Pry open my mouth Pulling teeth to place within

Counterparts – Soil II Lyrics

Soil II Lyrics – Counterparts The soil is the last thing that we ingest We watch our ashes scatter The soil (You are your) Is the last thing (Memorial) That

Counterparts – Bound To The Burn Lyrics

Bound To The Burn Lyrics – Counterparts Replace me with a pawn A victim unaware The shepherd appointed to a corpse (Bound to the burn) Bound to the burn Collected

Counterparts – Unwavering Vow Lyrics

Beneath my bared teeth Lives the unwavering vow To be the reason that the ones who love you mourn (Mourn) Revel in relief, redemption reassured When not even your ghost