Creams – Almighty Lyrics

Almighty Lyrics – Creams You’re like a dog waiting Eyes of colour dragon blood Not afraid maybe of The looming crystal water flood I see you shivering, though, Like tiny

Creams – Need To Talk Lyrics

Need To Talk Lyrics – Creams I know it’s like a feather in the night Brighten up, floating under the light I cannot fall down, need to survive, I Slow,

Creams – Gemstones Lyrics

Gemstones Lyrics – Creams Yeah, If you here In town and I’m Playing with my grumpy kitten in the dark Yeah, I am away Asleep Yeah, I am away Asleep

Creams – DIE 4 YOU Lyrics

DIE 4 YOU Lyrics By Creams You think I’ll die for you One summer day When everybody’s at the beach I’ll be on my way To die for you One