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Category: Croosh

Croosh – Knock Lyrics

Yeah Too much knowledge get you smoked, keep those lips zipped Shh Eyes opened, never know who is listening Hello? Calls tapped, blue bubbles getting tapped too Watch my back, […]

Croosh – Wait Lyrics

Wait by Croosh Don’t trust me with your heart I’ll probably break that thing in pieces Don’t get too close to me, I’ll take your soul from you believe me […]

Croosh – Evolve Lyrics

Evolve by Croosh | Feat. Indica You say I changed, I just evolved You wanna stay but I wanna ball Money on my brain, can’t think at all You say […]

Croosh – Chronicle Lyrics

Chronicle by Croosh Released : 2017 Look I do a lot with a little bit Bitch I got bread like imprisonment Go off the top like a yamaka She blowin […]