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Category: D Smoke

D Smoke – Seasons Pass Lyrics

Seasons Pass By D Smoke Life is but a gift, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to […]

D Smoke – Fly Lyrics

Fly By D Smoke [D Smoke:] Are we flyin’? Are we lifted? Are we soaring against the wind, are we different? Are we rockin’? Are we rollin’? Are we doin’ […]

D Smoke – Black Habits I Lyrics

Black Habits I By D Smoke Mm, Supa Good Inglewood Purple rain fallin’ down on a prince of the coast where the sun shine All year ’round (Mm) Purple haze […]

D Smoke – Sunkissed Child Lyrics

Sunkissed Child By D Smoke (Just a touch of love, a little bit) Say hello to the Ingle-born spitter (Spitter) Sing along to the (Ayy) tunes out the womb, got […]

D Smoke – Gaspar Yanga Lyrics

Gaspar Yanga By D Smoke Ayo, D Smoke Man, why don’t you represent the ‘Wood one time, could you please? Supa Good Smi-doke D-S-M-O-K-E, bitch, it’s official I got these […]

D Smoke – No Commas Lyrics

No Commas By D Smoke No hay nadie más preparado que el jovencito de Inglewood Supa Good Inglewood I told ’em I’m the one for the job, no commas And […]