D Smoke – Glide Lyrics

Glide Lyrics – D Smoke Glide Glide Glide Glide Glide Glide I look sexy when I’m walking through this bitch I look sexy when I’m moving through your city I

D Smoke – War & Wonders Lyrics

War & Wonders Lyrics D Smoke In the world between good and evil Originals and sequels, demons and people, free men and sheeple Only one voice matters Who you gon’

D Smoke – Dirty Mercedes Lyrics

Dirty Mercedes Lyrics D Smoke Days gone by (They confusion) Hate on my (Revolution) They know my past but can’t carry weight on my back (If you can) What can

D Smoke – Road Rage Lyrics

Road Rage Lyrics D Smoke Got ’em C’mon, nigga, we gotta go, nigga (Fuck) Let’s go, nigga, let’s get this shit gone (Shh) Tryin’ to, nigga, this motherfucker won’t start

D Smoke – Mind My Business Lyrics

Mind My Business Lyrics D Smoke Let’s do something a little different I was told to stay out the way until you know where you are Tell the coach to

D Smoke – Find My Way Lyrics

Find My Way Lyrics D Smoke Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo (Ridin’, slidin’, dip, yeah, dip, slide, ride, ride) Doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo (Ridin’, slidin’, dip, yeah, dip, slide)

D Smoke – Crossover Lyrics

Crossover Lyrics D Smoke Yo, Smoke, man I’m— so I’m in my community, man Shinin’ and glistenin’ if you will And this dude rolls up with the utmost disrespect Then

D Smoke – Common Sense Lyrics

Common Sense Lyrics D Smoke Uh, hate ain’t worth a dollar, and a lie ain’t worth a cent, so Who you workin’ for, who you represent? Hate ain’t worth a

D Smoke – Why Run Lyrics

Why Run Lyrics D Smoke Caught up in the streets, we don’t know where to go Riding in the city, blowing heavy smoke Some never made it out and some

D Smoke – Stay True Lyrics

Stay True Lyrics D Smoke Ayy, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Ooh On stage of life, we all play the fool I paid the price just to play it cool Still

D Smoke – Say Go Lyrics

Say Go Lyrics D Smoke Simple Good If I get a word, the homies gon’ hydroplane, yeah If I get a word, the homies gon’ hydroplane Slide (I’m ready) Say

D Smoke – Good Thing Lyrics

Good Thing Lyrics D Smoke I heard good things come in many forms, huh Get your blessings in the morning Shit, them fake friends wasn’t headed where I’m going (Going)

D Smoke – Sleepwalking Lyrics

Sleepwalking Lyrics D Smoke Sleepwalkin’ You’ve been sleepwalkin’ Shawty come, shawty come, shawty come, I could show you something I think you’ve been sleepwalkin’ Me a no come her to

D Smoke – Better Half Lyrics

Better Half Lyrics D Smoke There’s no better love In all the stars, the sky, it falls to you You’re the greatest love I’ve ever known You’re the greatest love

D Smoke – Clockwork Lyrics

Clockwork Lyrics D Smoke Love me like the world that we know may end We may not have the time come June when they end Listen, I’m in love wit’

D Smoke – Free Write Lyrics

Free Write Lyrics D Smoke Super good, D Smoke, Inglewood city Manchester and Crenshaw, bet Tweet that Seven Mm I lift my hands to cleanse my energy I been running

D Smoke – Shame On You Lyrics

Shame On You Lyrics – D Smoke Yeah Super Good Mmm Listen Summer in the wintertime Smoke back on this beat, act like it’s dinnertime Four packs, no receipt, no

D Smoke – It’s Ok Lyrics

It’s Ok Lyrics – D Smoke Zorro, turn that music down Yeah-yeah, yeah Yeah-yeah, yeah Yeah-yeah, yeah Yeah-yeah, yeah It’s alright, it’s okay It’s alright, so good I’ma need y’all

D Smoke – Let Go Lyrics

Let Go By D Smoke Listen If I don’t make it to my pillow ‘fore these lights go out Please write about me, cite my lyrics And know they ignite

D Smoke – Seasons Pass Lyrics

Seasons Pass By D Smoke Life is but a gift, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to