Daði Freyr

Daði Freyr – Moves To Make Lyrics

Moves To Make Lyrics – Daði Freyr I could take some sleep I could go lie down I’m in so deep A little broken now I would love to close

Daði Freyr – Whole Again Lyrics

Whole Again Lyrics – Daði Freyr If you see me walking down the street Staring at the sky And dragging my two feet You just pass me by It still

Daði Freyr – I’m Fine Lyrics

I’m Fine Lyrics – Daði Freyr I still don’t know what I want Stop try to figure it out It doesn’t matter cause I’m fine I’ve been fine for a

Daði Freyr – Something Magical Lyrics

Something Magical Lyrics – Daði Freyr I can’t believe that it’s happening again Just like last year And the year before that And the year before that And the year