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Category: Dawes

Dawes - None Of My Business Lyrics

Dawes – None Of My Business Lyrics

None Of My Business Lyrics by Dawes He grabbed me by the shirt while I was paying for my beer And screamed “There you are, Balthazar! I knew I’d find […]

Dawes - Didn't Fix Me Lyrics

Dawes – Didn’t Fix Me Lyrics

Didn’t Fix Me Lyrics by Dawes I went to see a healer With that mic strapped to his face Talked about which habits to surrender And which habits to embrace […]

Dawes - Me Especially Lyrics

Dawes – Me Especially Lyrics

Me Especially Lyrics by Dawes As far as I could tell I was the center of the universe The favorite step-child of our Mother Earth And every camera’s dream ‘Til […]