Decapitated – Cancer Culture Lyrics

Cancer Culture Lyrics – Decapitated Divide et impera Unfollow and report So easy to feel better Throwing digital rocks Smug righteous citizen Chained to his desk Made of the tree

Decapitated – Just A Cigarette Lyrics

Just A Cigarette Lyrics – Decapitated Can you hear these bells toll? It’s Christmas sale at the mall Can you see the horizon burn? Glowing neon of grocery store So

Decapitated – No Cure Lyrics

No Cure Lyrics – Decapitated So proud to discover Wicked plans of deep state Cracked all their ciphers Connected, connected the dots No cure for conspiracy No vax for illiteracy

Decapitated – Iconoclast Lyrics

Iconoclast Lyrics – Decapitated Let’s go These are the bones of his disciples Oil from the blubber of Jonah’s whale Two Samson’s hairs, eye of providence Very old tooth of

Decapitated – Locked Lyrics

Locked Lyrics – Decapitated Stay home, save lives, it’s just for now Virus everywhere, so you better hide Virus everywhere, so you better hide Rulers of the world Forever locked

Decapitated – Hours As Battlegrounds Lyrics

Hours As Battlegrounds Lyrics – Decapitated Tick tock Blink and you’re gone Eight billion portions Of egos of epic proportion Ludicrous bustling forage Of omnivorous (time) Cradle, grave Sandstorm in

Decapitated – Last Supper Lyrics

Last Supper Lyrics – Decapitated What would you like sir? Well-seasoned globe Humanity rare Or medium mankind? Naked ape that feeds On its own shit Yet so keen to pray

Decapitated – Hello Death Lyrics

Hello Death Lyrics – Decapitated All of them sweet little lambs End up as deaf stray dogs Chasing their tails tirelessly Barking up the wrong tree Living in fear to