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Category: Delacey

Delacey – Actress Lyrics

Actress by Delacey If I want, I can cry on demand Or be just as tough as a man Play you like a violin And you wouldn’t know if I […]

Delacey – Emily Lyrics

Emily by Delacey Yeah, you say you believe in God And  we talk about it all night long And  when we’re messed up about love ‘Cause my exes call me […]

Delacey – The Subway Song Lyrics

The Subway Song by Delacey Made me want to cry on the subway home Made me want to die twenty feet below Even when we’re drunk we have nothing to […]

Delacey – My Man Lyrics

My Man Lyrics by Delacey [Delacey] B---- don’t steal my man He’s got a weakness for girls like you We both know you can But i really need him more […]