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Category: Denai Moore

Denai Moore - Fake Sorry Lyrics

Denai Moore – Fake Sorry Lyrics

Fake Sorry By Denai Moore You got some nerve calling unannounced Running your mouth like we’re good like that Cause I no longer fear you We’re not insecure no more […]

Denai Moore - Cascades Lyrics

Denai Moore – Cascades Lyrics

Cascades By Denai Moore Down by one Easily undone I can’t explain It comes in waves Cascades to nothing It’s- It’s the rougher rain They drop in summer again I […]

Denai Moore - Hail Lyrics

Denai Moore – Hail Lyrics

Hail By Denai Moore Heads on fire But I held the lighter and the fuel But these walls are staring at me But I just wait for the blindness to […]

Denai Moore - To The Brink Lyrics

Denai Moore – To The Brink Lyrics

To The Brink By Denai Moore Unmoved since the morn’, drinking last nights lukewarm tea It’s been moving in my head, what you said to me last week Just look […]