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Category: Derez De’Shon

Derez De’Shon – Wassa Friend Lyrics

[Derez De’Shon] Ohh, ahh Ahh-ah Ah-ah-ah-ah Ahh-ahh Yeah, yah [Derez De’Shon] Hardly chase a bitch, but I’m right behind it, mayne (Right behind it) Niggas say they loyal ain’t as […]

Derez De’Shon – Ball 2Getha Lyrics

[Derez De’Shon] (Yea-ah) Yeah Thought we was all gon’ ball together (Yeah) (Quin With The Keyz in Here) Thought we was all gon’ ball together (Yah) Thought we was all […]

Derez De’Shon – Fallin’ Lyrics

[Derez De’Shon] Yeah, real music, yeah Put my soul in it so you can feel it (Yeah yeah) Dig what the fuck I’m sayin’? (Yeah) Yeah [Derez De’Shon] Starin’ in […]

Derez De’Shon – Need Sum Mo Lyrics

[Derez De’Shon] Swear it seem like yesterday I was eatin’ ramen noodles off a plastic plate I was really, but anyway Judge just gave my brother Dreek 5 years today […]

Derez De’Shon – OTW Lyrics

OTW by Derez De’Shon Released : 2017 Barrel on me in my skinny jeans my pockets loaded (I got that sack on me right now) Fire me one in the […]

Derez De’Shon – Angel Lyrics

Angel by Derez De’Shon Released : 2017 I can tell that you done been through a lot But to me you still shining like a star girl Don’t worry ’bout […]