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Category: Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers – Euphoria Lyrics

Euphoria By Destiny Rogers All these feelings in my mind, I can’t get it right Got me talking to myself almost every night I just wanna feel a high not […]

Destiny Rogers – Lo Lo Lyrics

Lo Lo By Destiny Rogers Lyrics Aye, yeah Where I’m from, rather have an old school than a foreign one Got a new thang, she a foreign one One of […]

Destiny Rogers – LockDown Lyrics

Lyrics LockDown Something inside me changes My whole mind rearranges Energy so contagious It’s so contagious Got me actin’ so stupid Just one look and I lose it Tell me, […]

Destiny Rogers – Strong Ones Lyrics

Lyrics Strong Ones I’m everybody’s friend, I’m everybody’s mother I’m everybody’s shrink, I’m everybody’s shoulder When I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’, I’m fallin’ I say I got it, I […]

Destiny Rogers – Apologies Lyrics

Lyrics Apologies 21 to be exact The many times I let you back Apologies 12 steps, you take ’em fast These moments you can’t get it back Apologies No, no, […]