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Category: Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio - FUCKBOY Lyrics

Dixie D’Amelio – FUCKBOY Lyrics

FUCKBOY Lyrics – Dixie D’Amelio I’m caught up in what could’ve been Thinking ’bout what you shoulda said Wonder what’s going through your head Wonder who’s sleeping in your bed […]

Dixie D'Amelio - Roommates Lyrics

Dixie D’Amelio – Roommates Lyrics

Roommates Lyrics – Dixie D’Amelio Oh, oh, oh, oh (x4) I’ve got plenty of roommates, even when I’m alone I’ve never known any silence, I’ve turned my head into home […]

Dixie D’Amelio – Be Happy Lyrics

Be Happy By Dixie D’Amelio Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy Don’t hold it against me If I’m down just leave me there Let me be sad Sun’s up, I […]