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Category: drumaq

Drumaq – Take Out Lyrics

Take Out by Drumaq: You say I’m to blame I say “baby, what’s the difference?” Nothing ever changed how you Sayin’ that you different Been a minute, now you sayin’ […]

Drumaq – Innit Lyrics

Innit by Drumaq: Left me hangin’ on my own, huh (Oh, nah) So much shit I shoulda known But I didn’t see it comin’ Got me out of my comfort zone (Oh, no) You […]

Drumaq – Girl Power Lyrics

Girl Power by Drumaq: I just wanna give a shout out to all the trash boys out there, I just wanna say “thank you so, so much for making everyone in the entire universe, […]

Drumaq – Granola Lyrics

Granola by Drumaq: I’ve been sleepin’ on this mattress from IKEA No AC, don’t need ’em sheets Yeah, it’s a heater (Huh) It feel like New York in the summer Start my day with […]

Drumaq – Translucent Lyrics

Translucent by Drumaq: I know you probably with some other dude Sounds like you want a change of view Need another dick Who got bigger arms But nobody else got a bigger heart Than […]

Drumaq – WYA (Demo) Lyrics

WYA (Demo) by Drumaq: I swear I’ll be there if you need anythin’ At 5 in the morning Your car broke down, it’s pourin’ I’ll be there so fuck the past I don’t […]