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Category: EDEN

EDEN – ​909 Lyrics

909 Lyrics by EDEN [EDEN] So hold on if you want I don’t wanna play this, no I don’t have the patience And last year was a long one And […]

EDEN – about time Lyrics

about time by EDEN I ran away last night, in my dreams Oh, my dreams, they keeping me awake, yeah Came crashing through the rain Half light on a turnpike […]

EEDEn album 2018

Eden – ​lost//found Lyrics

lost//found by EDEN Released : 2018 I think I lost myself out Somewhere in between Finding out who I am Confusing that with what I dream And it feels like […]

EEDEn album 2018

Eden – wings Lyrics

wings by EDEN Released : 2018 Last night was a car crash Highlights meet a quick end Live the high life ‘fore the week ends Coming down hard to the […]

EEDEn album 2018

EDEN – falling in reverse Lyrics

falling in reverse by EDEN Released : 2018 Come on, what’s the big deal? Nobody’s that heartless! So listen here, I’m the voice in your head And I can say […]