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Category: Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre - L.O.V.(e). Lyrics

Ella Eyre – L.O.V.(e). Lyrics

L.O.V.(e). By Ella Eyre L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E, O-V-E There’s a ghost in my heartbeat And it knows my pain Reminding me I […]

Ella Eyre - Careless Lyrics

Ella Eyre – Careless Lyrics

Careless By Ella Eyre Why do I care? Why, why do I care? Why do I care? Why, why do I- Tryna be perfect, yeah Perfect in your eyes I […]

Ella Eyre - Dreams lyrics

Ella Eyre – Dreams lyrics

Dreams By Ella Eyre Why you in my dreams? Don’t know much about you But I heard about you for the longest time And I see you ’round whenever I […]

Ella Eyre – New Me Lyrics

New Me by Ella Eyre Ella ain’t here issa new me, Didn’t have time when you knew me, Why you tryna call like booty, Take a step back and 180, […]

Ella Eyre – Mama Lyrics

Mama By Ella Eyre & Banx & Ranx ft. Kiana Ledé Banx and Ranx Boy, I’m telling yo mama Yo mama She don’t know about what you’ve done What you’ve […]