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Category: Ella Vos

Ella Vos – Temporary Lyrics

Temporary Lyrics by Ella Vos [Ella Vos] So I’ve lost my way looking for a sign I should slip away, mystery of time And now the quiet hours stay a […]

Ella Vos – I Know You Care Lyrics

I Know You Care by Ella Vos Released : 2017 Often away Carry me down that road in the morning Looking for signs, make conversation Don’t wanna be boring You […]

Ella Vos – In Your Corner Lyrics

Released : 2017 You get home from work like a kite in a hurricane Too many thoughts are clouding up everything Why do we always learn the hard way? Why’ve […]

Ella Vos – Down in Flames Lyrics

Down in Flames by Ella Vos Released : 2017 Genre : Pop Spotify Playlist : New Music Friday (1-13-2017) Slippin’ off the edge Out of phase Watchin’ you pretend We’re […]

Ella Vos – Little Brother Lyrics

Little Brother Lyrics by Ella Vos Can we talk more to one another? Missin’ the days when we were younger Now all I hear is a distant echo Turning your […]