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Category: Elohim

Elohim lyrics

Elohim – I Want You Lyrics

I Want You by Elohim Released : 2018 It’s all good I’m losing sleep, but I don’t think I need it, I need it It’s all good I think I’m […]

Elohim lyrics

Elohim – Silence Is Cool Lyrics

Silence Is Cool by Elohim Released : 2018 Baby, maybe Baby, maybe Baby, maybe Baby, maybe Baby, maybe you should just let me be who I need to be Sometimes […]

Elohim lyrics

Elohim – Enemies Lyrics

Enemies by Elohim Released : 2018 Oh my god, I’ve been up since 6 I can’t catch a break with all this shit I haven’t been able to sleep a […]

Elohim – Hallucinating Lyrics

Hallucinating by Elohim Released : 2018 Am I dreaming walking in my sleep I just can’t drop this feeling Underneath my feet These London streets are moving rising up at […]