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Category: Elohim

Elohim – Half Love Lyrics

Half Love by Elohim Released : 2018 I wanna be your enemy, I wanna be your friend I wanna give you everything then take it back again Let me run […]

Elohim – Panic Attacks Lyrics

Panic Attacks by Elohim Feat. Yoshi Flower Released : 2018 Moved out to Topanga, now I’m livin’ with God My life was in danger from the path I was on […]

Elohim – Fuck Your Money Lyrics

Fuck Your Money by Elohim Released : 2018 I got drugs if you need ’em Open air for you to breathe in I’ll share my covers if you wanna sleep […]

Elohim – The Wave Lyrics

The Wave by Elohim Released : 2017 I’m gonna trust you, because I want to In the worst case, if it all falls to bits Maybe I’ll stumble On something […]

Elohim – Sleepy Eyes Lyrics

Released : 2017 Look at me with your sleepy eyes Ollie ollie oxen free, we don’t have to hide I just wanna touch your face Take me straight to outer […]

Elohim – Skinny Legs Lyrics

Skinny Legs by Elohim Released : 2017 Genre : Electronic Label : B3SCI Records I gotta stop myself from thinking like this I wanna kill the demons telling me secrets […]