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Category: Felly

Felly – Something Restless Lyrics

Something Restless By Felly I’m something restless, high by the end of the night, Slow down on your engines, look around feel my presence, I’ll let you know. These days […]

Felly – Come Alive Lyrics

Come Alive By Felly Yay baby, agua! It’s psychedelic! Yeah! I keep my head to the sky, You know it’s no use in wondering Why, don’t you just get loose […]

Felly – Love and Fear Lyrics

Love and Fear By Felly Between love and fear. Girl be nice to me. She said she need a re-up, That’s not a bad idea, And if looks can kill […]

Felly – Heartstrings Lyrics

Heartstrings By Felly Lyrics Tell me what you want babe, You know imma slave for you, You playing on my love strings, It never did a thing for you, Unclip […]