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Category: Future

Future – Buy Love Lyrics

Buy Love by Future Lot of love A lot of love for you They ain’t got enough for you I can have you workin’ all night I’m buyin’ love from […]

Future – Poppin Tags Lyrics

Poppin Tags Lyrics by Future Goyard on, pick out what you want Hermès on, pick out what you want New Chanel, oh, pick out what you want Poppin’ tags, I […]

Future – Used to This ft. Drake Lyrics

Used To Lyrics by Future ft. Drake Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano New persona, we’re moving on from Ferragamo (I’m moving on) Get the llama, I party with the real […]

Future – Check On Me Lyrics

Check On Me Lyrics Feat. DJ Esco & Fabolous I’ma tell y’all how serious it’s gettin’ Super mothafuckin’ Future DJ Escomoecity, the coolest DJ on the mothafuckin’ planet Audemars the […]