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Category: G Flip

G Flip · About You Lyrics

About You · G Flip Now that I can see, another part of me Hittin’ back, slap in the face, yeah you were the key Yeah I knew I’d see, […]

G Flip · Waking Up Tomorrow Lyrics

Waking Up Tomorrow · G Flip I don’t feel like waking up tomorrow If you’re not right there by my side Feels like I haven’t seen you in a year […]

G Flip · Bring Me Home Lyrics

Bring Me Home · G Flip I’ve never had clouds follow me each day Years of sun that never went away I lie here awake but I’m not one to […]

G Flip · 2 Million Lyrics

2 Million · G Flip Maybe one day I’ll buy a new guitar Maybe one day I’ll put it on my wall Maybe one day I’ll have my own home […]

G Flip – Lover Lyrics

Lover · G Flip I just wanna be your lover You know that we ain’t friends Yeah I tried to love another It never made much sense I just wanna […]