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Category: Gia Woods

Gia Woods – EGO Lyrics

EGO By Gia Woods Up and down like a rollercoaster Shut me out, then you say come over Call it off too many times for closure Call it off too […]

Gia Woods – HUNGRY Lyrics

Gia Woods – HUNGRY Lyrics I’m not shy I’m just sussin’ out the room on my own time Not the kind of girl to put it all online Posin’ for […]

Gia Woods – Feel It Lyrics

Feel It by Gia Woods I got it so bad But I guess I got it so damn good your eyes are bloodshot red keep lookin at me look at […]

Gia Woods – One Big Party Lyrics

“One Big Party” Released May 10, 2019 by Gia Woods [Gia Woods] You and me were one big party Wasn’t it the best of times? Strangers when the whole thing […]

Gia Woods – Keep On Coming Lyrics

Keep On Coming Lyrics by Gia Woods [Gia Woods] Hey there, hey there I see those pheromones right through the air, air No fair, no fair, tormenting me when the […]

Gia Woods – New Girlfriend Lyrics

New Girlfriend Lyrics By Gia Woods [Verse 1] Out of sight, out of mind Until some shit goes down Just like it is right now Didn’t know she’d be nice […]