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Category: Gia Woods

Gia Woods - CHAOS Lyrics

Gia Woods – CHAOS Lyrics

CHAOS Lyrics By Gia Woods I fed your drama And your drama fed mine Love in a coma Couldn’t wake up if we tried Honestly, we fell so hard And […]

Gia Woods - SABOTAGE Lyrics

Gia Woods – SABOTAGE Lyrics

SABOTAGE Lyrics By Gia Woods I know that the chaos should be freaking me out But I’m getting off on everything that’s bringing me down I know I’m not good […]

Gia Woods - ALL I KNOW Lyrics

Gia Woods – ALL I KNOW Lyrics

ALL I KNOW Lyrics By Gia Woods No one said it would be easy You wonder why even bother Even when you fall in love completely Times can get harder […]

Gia Woods - INTO IT Lyrics

Gia Woods – INTO IT Lyrics

INTO IT By Gia Woods There you go again, there you go again Let me down, let me down I don’t wanna talk Go out with your friends I don’t […]

Gia Woods - NAIVE Lyrics

Gia Woods – NAIVE Lyrics

NAIVE By Gia Woods All my exes said the same thing Maybe they’re lyin’ I’m the high they’re always chasing But they’re never mine Oh, baby, I don’t need no […]

Gia Woods – EGO Lyrics

EGO By Gia Woods Up and down like a rollercoaster Shut me out, then you say come over Call it off too many times for closure Call it off too […]