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Category: Gianni & kyle

gianni & kyle – señorita Lyrics

señorita by gianni & kyle I could be anywhere but here Yeah,  you know, I got no time for that I  got no time for that So, why don’t you […]

gianni & kyle – maliboo Lyrics

maliboo Lyrics : gianni & kyle Lyrics I’ll give you my time I’ll show you commitment Anything you wishing I’m focused on you, I know I got girls on the […]

gianni & kyle – close Lyrics

close Lyrics by gianni & kyle [Gianni] Losin’ my focus I’m out of my ways and I know it But there’s no one else can do what we do, yeah […]

Gianni & Kyle – Nobody Lyrics

Nobody Lyrics by Gianni & Kyle Released : 2018 Look, I called you when I touch down We both know I’m busy nowadays Like I’m on a run around You […]