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Category: Grant Landis

Grant Landis – Lifted Lyrics

Lifted By Grant Landis Lil’ baby, I see her She posted ‘cross the room I’m gonna rush over Before she leaves too soon How do I know she the one […]

Grant Landis – I Want U Lyrics

I Want U By Grant Landis I was skirtin’ down backroads Just tryna get back home, yeah You on the other end of the phone Tellin’ me you need me […]

Grant Landis – Keep Out Lyrics

Keep Out By Grant Landis Every time I’m with my friends Late  nights out past ten Hit  my phone up you wanna see me again But I don’t wanna see […]

Grant Landis – Better Lyrics

Better By Grant Landis She my lil’ fine thing from the midwest Since she walked in my life I been so blessed Every lil’ thing ‘bout hers perfect I just gotta show you How […]