Grey Daze – Be Your Man Lyrics

Be Your Man Lyrics – Grey Daze Melted candles on the window sill Perfume in the haze Ashtrays spread across the floor On a normal day We lay out across

Grey Daze – Holding You Lyrics

Holding You Lyrics – Grey Daze (feat. Dave Navarro) Endless hopes, well That’s too bad Smile happy Enjoy my pain Hoping I can find What we never had Never holding

Grey Daze – Hole Lyrics

Hole Lyrics – Grey Daze (feat. Lily Bennington & Lila Bennington) I tell a lot of people that they have to earn their trust I would have sailed away If

Grey Daze – Believe Me Lyrics

Believe Me Lyrics – Grey Daze (feat. Richard Patrick) Sleep In the shadows Breathe In the air Without dreaming Without a care, oh Look In the mirror Cry No control

Grey Daze – Spin Lyrics

Spin Lyrics – Grey Daze (Oh, oh) (Oh, oh) (Oh, oh) (Oh, oh) I want to pick up the pieces, so that there’s less complication So that- I want to

Grey Daze – Wake Me Lyrics

Wake Me Lyrics – Grey Daze Should I have a taste of this run across your lips and start all over aga-ain? Could this all just be a dre-e-e-e-a-am? If

Grey Daze – Drag Lyrics

Drag Lyrics – Grey Daze Make me feel like I am real Torture me Drag me under you Tide, lifts me up and down Tide, makes me Shut up, shut

Grey Daze – Starting To Fly Lyrics

Starting To Fly Lyrics – Grey Daze Starting to Fly How high can we go I know the answers from the words of the prophet I’ve seen the light through