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Category: Griselda

Griselda – Chef Dreds Lyrics

Chef Dreds By Griselda Brr, ayo Flygod [Verse: Westside Gunn, BENNY THE BUTCHER & Conway the Machine] Ayo, hangin’ out the Royce with the Russian (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, […]

Griselda – Moselle Lyrics

Moselle By Griselda A landslide, nigga Huh, this shit is, this shit is a landslide, nigga Uh, this the theme music for the pie stretchers (Whip up) I whipped five, I got five extras […]

Griselda – Cruiser Weight Coke Lyrics

Cruiser Weight Coke By Griselda Yeah Know what the fuck is up, nigga (Uh) Griselda shit, nigga (Griselda) GxFR, nigga Smash and scrape, pussy (Yeah) Who runnin’ the shit? (Runnin’ the shit) It’s […]

Griselda – Freddie HotSpot Lyrics

Freddie HotSpot By Griselda Ah, Butcher comin’, nigga They play sports, I race the Porsche through the streets with choppers (Woo) You know us, we like the Bucks on the Eastern Conference (Griselda) I’m […]

Griselda – DR. BIRD’S Lyrics

DR. BIRD’S By Griselda Ah, ayo Brr, brr (Griselda) Ayo, I’m in Salvatore makin’ Salaat, Bentayga in three flavors Shoot the nigga now, we’ll speak later (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, […]

Griselda – The Old Groove Lyrics

The Old Groove By Griselda Ayo, where I’m from, these nigga shoot bitches and kids (Brr, boom, boom, boom, boom) Megabus upstairs, I had it taped to my ribs (Ah) Stupid motherfucker ain’t find […]