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Category: Griselda

Griselda – Chef Dreds Lyrics

Chef Dreds By Griselda Brr, ayo Flygod [Verse: Westside Gunn, BENNY THE BUTCHER & Conway the Machine] Ayo, hangin’ out the Royce with the Russian (Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, […]

Griselda – Moselle Lyrics

Moselle By Griselda A landslide, n---- Huh, this s--- is, this s--- is a landslide, n---- Uh, this the theme music for the pie stretchers (Whip up) I whipped five, I got five extras […]

Griselda – Cruiser Weight Coke Lyrics

Cruiser Weight Coke By Griselda Yeah Know what the f--- is up, n---- (Uh) Griselda s---, n---- (Griselda) GxFR, n---- Smash and scrape, p---- (Yeah) Who runnin’ the s---? (Runnin’ the s---) It’s […]

Griselda – Freddie HotSpot Lyrics

Freddie HotSpot By Griselda Ah, Butcher comin’, n---- They play sports, I race the Porsche through the streets with choppers (Woo) You know us, we like the Bucks on the Eastern Conference (Griselda) I’m […]

Griselda – DR. BIRD’S Lyrics

DR. BIRD’S By Griselda Ah, ayo Brr, brr (Griselda) Ayo, I’m in Salvatore makin’ Salaat, Bentayga in three flavors Shoot the n---- now, we’ll speak later (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, […]

Griselda – The Old Groove Lyrics

The Old Groove By Griselda Ayo, where I’m from, these n---- shoot b------ and kids (Brr, boom, boom, boom, boom) Megabus upstairs, I had it taped to my ribs (Ah) Stupid m----------- ain’t find […]

Griselda – Scotties Lyrics

Scotties By Griselda Ayo, ChineGun wore gloves in the summer, threw him my numbers A pair of jumpers, hollow head lead dumpers (Boom, boom, boom, boom) This Louis V s---, Virgil designed it I […]

Griselda – Kennedy Lyrics

Kennedy By Griselda Grr Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom [Verse: Westside Gunn & Tiona Deniece] Yo, blow your f-----’ […]

Griselda – City On the Map Lyrics

City On the Map By Griselda Yeah, uh Yeah Daringer, the f---, n----? Look, this for them n----- gettin’ Jew money Every time they step on the Ave, get they chef on, uh […]

Griselda – May Store Lyrics

May Store By Griselda Ah, let’s go I don’t feel no pressure, I feel like this my callin’ Bought the work, a hour later, I had to flush it down the toilet (Damn) Every […]

Griselda – Lowery Lyrics

Lowery By Griselda First of all, I wanna say, “Praise God” Let’s start like that, right I wanna go like this, God bless the dead, you heard? Everybody that’s payin’ attention I appreciate your […]

Griselda – Bang ft. Eminem Lyrics

Bang (Remix) By Griselda Yeah (Brr), uh (Brr, brr, brr) (Brr, brr, brr) Machine (Brr) It’s not a game, n---- (Brr, brr) It’s not a f-----’ game, n---- (Brr, brr, brr) Look, look […]