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Category: Issues

Issues – Your Sake Lyrics

Your Sake by Issues LYRICS I don’t love you like you think I do It’s not because I found somebody new It’s not because of anything you did It’s because […]

Issues – Flexin Lyrics

Flexin by Issues LYRICS Late on my rent But I just copped the new Timbs And yeah car got a flat But I got salt on my rim Nobody knows […]

Issues – Get It Right Lyrics

Get It Right by Issues LYRICS Ooh you know that you can get it I’m a take it to the limit A piƱata, Imma hit it Like I’m in the […]

Issues – Second Best Lyrics

Second Best by Issues LYRICS I think that I’m just second best I think that I’m just second best Alive is all I am Alive is all I am The […]

Issues – Downfall Lyrics

Downfall by Issues LYRICS Truth burns your eyes Don’t act surprised Like someone opened the curtains On the person I really am inside What do we have That we didn’t […]