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Category: Issues

Issues – Your Sake Lyrics

Your Sake by Issues LYRICS I don’t love you like you think I do It’s not because I found somebody new It’s not because of anything you did It’s because […]

Issues – Flexin Lyrics

Flexin by Issues LYRICS Late on my rent But I just copped the new Timbs And yeah car got a flat But I got salt on my rim Nobody knows […]

Issues – Get It Right Lyrics

Get It Right by Issues LYRICS Ooh you know that you can get it I’m a take it to the limit A piñata, Imma hit it Like I’m in the […]

Issues – Second Best Lyrics

Second Best by Issues LYRICS I think that I’m just second best I think that I’m just second best Alive is all I am Alive is all I am The […]

Issues – Downfall Lyrics

Downfall by Issues LYRICS Truth burns your eyes Don’t act surprised Like someone opened the curtains On the person I really am inside What do we have That we didn’t […]

Issues – Rain Lyrics

Rain by Issues LYRICS You’re the kind of person whose cup is half empty and I Can’t stand the thought of the laughs that we never share Don’t wanna think […]

Issues – Without You Lyrics

Without You by Issues LYRICS What’s the point of holding hands at the end of the hall What’s the point of skipping class and getting lost in the stall What’s […]

Issues – Tapping Out Lyrics

Tapping Out by Issues LYRICS All this bullshit got me in a headlock With the blame and the names that you call me And when you know you’re wrong, then […]

Issues – Find Forever Lyrics

Find Forever by Issues LYRICS What about love What about love do we Just enough to keep it low key Just enough to fight the lonely or What about love […]

Issues – Here’s To You Lyrics

Here’s To You by Issues LYRICS I might’ve f----- up today But I’m too f----- up to care You’ve been calling me I can’t find my phone nowhere I don’t […]

Issues – Drink About It Lyrics

Drink About It By Issues I feel it every time you make me wait I  hear it every time your phone vibrates Drown  in my cup, chasing the hurt Down […]