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Category: Jadakiss

Jadakiss – Kisses To The Sky Lyrics

Kisses To The Sky By Jadakiss Ooh-ooh, woo-ooh Just tryna beat the odds That all, yeah I like this (So Rapsy) This is called livin’, don’t ever forget it (Uh-uh) […]

Jadakiss – ME Lyrics

ME By Jadakiss Lyrics Rain, rain or sunshine I’m gonna love you anyway You can call me day, day or night time Go anywhere you want Know that I’ll follow […]

Jadakiss – Friends Lyrics

Friends by Jadakiss Released : 2017 Feat. Nino Man & Styles P (Intro) Jada: D-Block, uh, so raspy, Ice pick forever Nino: (Harlem), I’m ready (1st Verse) NinoMan: Prolly got […]