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Category: Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World – Congratulations Lyrics

Congratulations By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics There’s no clarity in front me Only degrees of hated Obscenity There’s no charity Some don’t deserve to make it You’ll blame and fight […]

Jimmy Eat World – Recommit Lyrics

Recommit By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics Well, they tell you what you missed All you had traded in And it hits You’re not that different The truth is no one […]

Jimmy Eat World – Diamond Lyrics

Diamond By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics When I find myself awake I’ll put my thoughts down on a page Half-asleep I’ll make a list Then read back all my greatest […]

Jimmy Eat World – One Mil Lyrics

One Mil By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics Camera girl, you still there? If I look you’ll disappear Worse, you might want to talk I’m so underprepared I don’t know, is […]

Jimmy Eat World – 555 Lyrics

555 By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics I keep my focus on the simple things Try to find some peace along the way Wish I knew how long I’m supposed to […]

Jimmy Eat World – Delivery Lyrics

Delivery By Jimmy Eat World Lyrics I know I’m dreaming But feels too good to stop The picture in my head is always moving We’re alone at sunset In snowfall […]