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CHEATERS By JOEY TRAP Track: CHEATERS Album: CHEATERS Artist: JOEY TRAP Released on: 2020-07-23 I ain’t even know that she fucked with a nigga But hold up, and she got […]

Joey Trap - SPICY Lyrics

Joey Trap – SPICY Lyrics

SPICY By Joey Trap (Young Rich Squad) (cBass, motherfucker) Look, yeah (Akachi, he on the beat, it’s a murder) Told your shorty break it down, I had to scoop her […]

Joey Trap – I’m Good Lyrics

I’m Good By Joey Trap Akachi in this mother fucker Yo’, I told you I already told you that A nigga livin’ good, you heard? Yo’ My bitch five foot […]

Joey Trap – I Do Lyrics

I Do By Joey Trap Young Rich Squad Woah Yeah, shorty ask if I get bread, I do Blessed all yeah, thank God, all true Spilled Hennessy on my Prada […]

Joey Trap - John Wayne Lyrics

Joey Trap – John Wayne Lyrics

John Wayne By Joey Trap Akachi, he on the beat, it’s a murder I’m John Wayne, fuck the sheriff, my nigga It’s recipes, bro, why they bury my niggas (Bitch, […]