JP Cooper – Radio Lyrics

Radio Lyrics – JP Cooper I woke the other night, thinking about you In fact it’s every night that I’m thinking about you How we never tried, never tried, never

JP Cooper – Signs Lyrics

Signs Lyrics – JP Cooper If I whisper into your ear If I think out loud If I make it clear Would that be alright? If I offer to take

JP Cooper – We Cry Lyrics

We Cry Lyrics – JP Cooper You say I kiss the bottle more that I kiss you And lately you’ve been needing something like a parachute Because you feel like

JP Cooper – Call My Name Lyrics

Call My Name Lyrics – JP Cooper Call my name Trust me Ain’t got to be lonely You ain’t got to be lonely Don’t let it beat you So many

JP Cooper – Holy Water Lyrics

Holy Water Lyrics – JP Cooper Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy Two paths stretching out in front of me I’m walking the one less heavenly now Sometimes I forget

JP Cooper – Little Bit Of Love Lyrics

Little Bit Of Love By JP Cooper When you try to find the words but they ain’t flowin’ When you’re sittin’ by the phone but no one’s callin’ Call me

JP Cooper – Bits and Pieces Lyrics

Bits and Pieces By JP Cooper I was in bits I was in pieces Covered in silence and concrete People walked by No one could hear me Nobody knows what’s

JP Cooper – In These Arms Lyrics

In These Arms By JP Cooper I watch you putting on your make up Sometimes I can’t believe my luck, hey Sun setting through the curtains And, darling, you look

JP Cooper – Tidal Wave Lyrics

Tidal Wave by JP Cooper Released : 2018 You saw the weakness in me I saw the kindness in you Oh, I know I made you laugh And you couldn’t