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Category: Justine Skye

Justine Skye – Too Much Lyrics

Too Much by Justine Skye First I was beggin’ you to call me up (Call me up) I’m beggin’ you to stop, you call too much What the fuck? You tried to play me […]

Justine Skye – Secrets Lyrics

Secrets by Justine Skye Not tryna hide your loving (Loving) I just need a moment Sometimes I wanna air the call and it not, it not be a problem Open conversation (Uh), can I […]

Justine Skye – Bulletproof Lyrics

Bulletproof by Justine Skye Them, want me, but you (You), know me You’re my no place like home (Home) You’re the type to take control, I know (I know) So me lay up on […]