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Category: Karliene

Karliene - Geisha Lyrics

Karliene – Geisha Lyrics

Geisha By Karliene Timeless Like a lotus Exquisite artistry Beauty All take notice Goddess Of pure fantasy Who are you, Geisha? Jewel of Japan Who do you dance for? Do […]

Karliene – Disappear Lyrics

Disappear By Karliene Hold me close to you My candle in the gloom Are we light enough? To save this love I know I drift away When darkness comes to […]

Karliene – The Dawn Lyrics

The Dawn By Karliene The dawn breaks through the trees It brings me to my knees Pink and purple, golden beams Such light I’ve never seen The gloom lifts its […]

Karliene – The Dark Ones Lyrics

The Dark Ones By Karliene Hush child Open your eyes You are not alone We are your dark ones Holding you close Come dance with us Dance in the darkness […]

Karliene – The Gloom Lyrics

The Gloom By Karliene She lives in murk and shadow Cold as the alleys of stone She’s a blur in the window A prisoner of the underworld She watches life […]