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Category: Kina

Kina - Tell Me About You Lyrics

Kina – Tell Me About You Lyrics

Tell Me About You Lyrics – Kina Tell me about you, tell me your secrets Tell me and tell nobody else ‘Cause I can be jealous and I can be […]

Kina – Get You the Moon Lyrics

Get You the Moon By Kina You gave me a shoulder when I needed it You showed me love when I wasn’t feeling it You helped me fight when I […]

Kina – Feel Again Lyrics

Feel Again By Kina We were just kids and we didn’t know nothing It didn’t make sense but it felt like something Remember when I said that I loved you […]

Kina – Where R U? Lyrics

Where R U? By Kina Lately I feel like I’m not enough for you No matter what, no matter what I say or do Sometimes I feel like I might […]