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Category: Laleh

Laleh – Be Good To Me Lyrics

Be Good To Me By Laleh Oh, please be good to me Save my soul and lead me home I’ve been running far too long Oh, please be good to […]

Laleh – City Dove Lyrics

City Dove By Laleh I don’t know what it’s all about But every time I look around All I see is how we’re holding on Don’t ask me what’s wrong […]

Laleh – Coffee Lyrics

Coffee By Laleh There’s nothing you won’t conquer with some coffee, my dear You can find me in your corner riding shotgun, my dear Don’t get any tears on your […]

Laleh – Stone Cold Lyrics

Stone Cold By Laleh Stone cold, stone cold You see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor Stone cold, stone cold Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel […]

Laleh – Like This Lyrics

Like This By Laleh You say it’s not supposed to be Tell me not to waste my time This was never up to me But if it was I wouldn’t […]

Laleh – Lost and Found Lyrics

Lost and Found By Laleh Gotta love this field and the cherry sky Under blossom clouds though it’s late July You don’t even try, still, you look so cool Like […]

Laleh – Safe Lyrics

Safe By Laleh I remember the rush We were running backyard to yard Wasn’t scared of going too far Staying out ’til it’s too dark I remember the rush We […]

Laleh – Yes Lyrics

Yes By Laleh Face me And take me Save me Don’t try to change me Face you Take you Save you I won’t try to change you Yeah, yeah, yeah, […]

Laleh – City of Angels Lyrics

City of Angels by Laleh Waking up, I’m waking up [?] Walk alone strangers And everybody smiles But all I’m thinking is Why am i here it’s nice I’ve seen […]