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Category: Lane 8

Lane 8 – Shooting Arrows Lyrics

Shooting Arrows By Lane 8 I used to call your name I feel the same way about us When you grab my hand Down a broken staircase with smoke in […]

Lane 8 – The Gift Lyrics

The Gift By Lane 8 To believe, to believe, to believe, to believe (To believe, to believe, to believe, to believe) To believe, to believe, to believe, to believe (To […]

Lane 8 – How Often Lyrics

How Often By Lane 8 Kept me upon your side And all your wishes on the shelf You felt like a stone tile The based is off, they’re without law […]

Lane 8 - The Flood Lyrics

Lane 8 – The Flood Lyrics

The Flood By Lane 8 Oh, go ahead, give me your worst ‘Member you said it’s what I deserve? I can’t make you promises, not ones I can keep I […]

Lane 8 – The Rope Lyrics

The Rope By Lane 8 Sun is gleaming on the water Nothing but the after in our gaze I curve into your neck Kiss on all the spaces that are […]

Lane 8 – Yard Two Stone Lyrics

Yard Two Stone By Lane 8 She’s done with dancing She’s over strangers in the dark The ones you can’t see They drive the hardest through your heart When every […]

Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go Lyrics

Don’t Let Me Go By Lane 8 We’re so close to touching now I hold my hands up, I reach out And I believe I’ll see you again All I’ve ever dreamed Oh, […]

Lane 8 – Brightest Lights Lyrics

Brightest Lights By Lane 8 Lyrics feat. POLIÇA I’d walk through fire To be closer to you I will never be whole Till I’ve carved it in stone Your heart […]