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Category: Lastlings

Lastlings - Take My Hand Lyrics

Lastlings – Take My Hand Lyrics

Take My Hand Lyrics – Lastlings Hanging from an open door With a glimpse of words unsaid The white light starts to crawl Into a higher place And you wish you could be […]

Lastlings - Out of Touch Lyrics

Lastlings – Out of Touch Lyrics

Out of Touch Lyrics – Lastlings Needed to run You’ve fallen away What has become, you haven’t won You’ve lost your way Under the sun Skin turns to grey Thoughts […]

Lastlings - False Reactions Lyrics

Lastlings – False Reactions Lyrics

False Reactions Lyrics – Lastlings I can’t escape I’m moving in circles And I’m foolish I’m lost in these eyes (Oh, oh, oh) And all the wires are settin’ off […]

Lastlings - Last Breath Lyrics

Lastlings – Last Breath Lyrics

Last Breath Lyrics – Lastlings All my senses are giving me light I’m in motion All these faces are blurred to the bone So I keep on hunting Life is […]

Lastlings - No Time Lyrics

Lastlings – No Time Lyrics

No Time Lyrics – Lastlings I just feel vacant I just feel wasted I’m in control with every breath That I’m taking Memories fading Feelings replaying I should let go, […]

Lastlings - Visions Lyrics

Lastlings – Visions Lyrics

Visions Lyrics – Lastlings Ooh, resurface By now, you’re bold and heavy By now, you’re bringing us down Keep on moving By now, we’re inner circle By now, we’re certain […]