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Category: Laura Marano

Laura Marano - Boombox Lyrics

Laura Marano – Boombox Lyrics

Boombox Lyrics Press play on the day that you came into my life, yeah Built our eyes on the night It was strange, it was paradise, oh ‘Cause when I […]

Laura Marano – Me Lyrics

Me Lyrics I think how good you would look on my body (mhm) I daydream about all the s--- you tell me (yeah) Unzip all the logic like no one’s […]

Laura Marano – Let Me Cry Lyrics

Laura Marano – Let Me Cry Lyrics

Let Me Cry Lyrics by Laura Marano Ι knοw I’m being irrational Right nοw a little bit flammable Sο yοu’d better watch out (watch οut) Ι knοw I’m dressing so […]