laye sicker lyrics

laye – sicker Lyrics

sicker by laye I don’t wanna get drunk, I don’t wanna sleep I just wanna lie down in bed right ...

laye better lyrics

laye – Better Lyrics

Better by laye Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Out Later Song: Better Artist: laye Released: July 26, 2019

laye no love lost lyrics

laye – no love lost Lyrics

no love lost by laye Passion We got too much of it We empty these bottles But we can’t empty ...

laye dancing lyrics

laye – Dancing Lyrics

Dancing by laye Doubts seep out when you kiss me on my forehead My demons make their bed Telling me ...

laye likefck lyrics

laye – Likefck Lyrics

Likefck by laye You sound like an angel Your voice in my ear Wantin you is evil When it’s hard ...

laye lonely anthem lyrics

laye – lonely anthem Lyrics

lonely anthem by laye It’s early now but I know 2 A.M. will come again (2 A.M. will come again) ...