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Category: laye

laye – Better Lyrics

Better by laye Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Out Later Song: Better Artist: laye Released: July 26, 2019

laye – no love lost Lyrics

no love lost by laye Passion We got too much of it We empty these bottles But we can’t empty our hearts with each other Go hard at each other […]

laye – Dancing Lyrics

Dancing by laye Doubts seep out when you kiss me on my forehead My demons make their bed Telling me you won’t stay long I never know If those hands […]

laye – Likefck Lyrics

Likefck by laye You sound like an angel Your voice in my ear Wantin you is evil When it’s hard to have you here Only got you for a minute […]

laye – lonely anthem Lyrics

lonely anthem by laye It’s early now but I know 2 A.M. will come again (2 A.M. will come again) So I get dressed to go out Drag my feet […]