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Category: Lil Gotit

Lil Gotit – Bet Up Lyrics

Bet Up By Lil Gotit Hood baby I’m in London, got my beat from London Bet up, bet up (Woo) N---- shut the f--- up and bet up Bet up, […]

Lil Gotit – Lil Ralph Lyrics

Lil Ralph Lyrics by Lil Gotit Lyrics Will Be Available Soon, Check Out Later. Lil Gotit Lyrics “Lil Ralph” release Date : May 3, 2019

Lil Gotit – We Da Gang Lyrics

We Da Gang Lyrics By Lil Gotit (Mike Mixer is in the building…) Let’s go (Hood Baby) (Uh, I got BSlime with me) [Lil Gotit:] The Xans, the Perkies (The […]

Lil Gotit – The Baby Lyrics

The Baby Lyrics By Lil Gotit [Lil Gotit:] First check, I went to Gucci store and laced me to the head For my mama, took a fifty out and dumped […]

Lil Gotit – Worth It Lyrics

Worth It Lyrics By Lil Gotit (10Fifty, I love you) Real OG’s Smokin’ stunner blunts, we ain’t rollin’ OG Chanel purse, got rolls on wrist Racks in my pants, call […]

Lil Gotit – Road Rage Lyrics

Road Rage Lyrics By Lil Gotit [Lil Gotit & Guap Tarantino:] Yeah, yeah, Hood Baby DMC Global now, n---- Know what I’m sayin’ N---- got guap The magician Slimes in […]

Lil Gotit - Runnin Bands Lyrics

Lil Gotit – Runnin Bands Lyrics

Runnin Bands Lyrics By Lil Gotit [Lil Keed:] (Mario Thought you know 4PF and Hood Baby Thought you know this I thought you know it I thought you know this […]

Lil Gotit – Surf Lyrics

Surf Lyrics By Lil Gotit (Mario Pssh, pssh, pssh Surf’s up Lemme grab my board (Hood Baby) On the way to the bitty, yeah, yeah I done told her, I […]

Lil Gotit – Pyrex Kid Lyrics

Pyrex Kid Lyrics By Lil Gotit (I just told Richie we rich) [Lil Gotit:] We put these b------ in rotation Ain’t no b----, we take ’em all down We live […]

Lil Gotit – Instead Lyrics

Instead Lyrics By Lil Gotit (Ayy, I get bread 10Fifty, I love you Hood talk) This bread, ayy, you know I’m gon’ get that The head, bae, you know I’m […]

Lil Gotit – OverT Lyrics

OverT Lyrics By Lil Gotit [Lil Gotit:] (Uh Let’s go, let’s go Uh Let’s go, let’s go Yeah, Hood Baby Hood talk Let’s go, let’s go) ‘Bout my slimes, baby, […]

Lil Gotit – Water Lyrics

Water Lyrics By Lil Gotit (The Remedy) (Dun Deal…) He say his water is made by G, my water get made by Eliantte Broke a-- b----, stay out my face, […]