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Category: Lila Drew

Lila Drew – ​​hide Lyrics

​hide by Lila Drew I, I’m not in focus Boy, you, you didn’t notice That I tried so hard to let you slip my mind And maybe I won’t catch […]

Lila Drew – ​november Lyrics

​november by Lila Drew All I wanna do is pick fights with you You got me heading towards the wrong time And tripping over fine lines and you know it’s […]

Lila Drew – take it back Lyrics

take it back by Lila Drew Please don’t tell me no, please just take it back Learning on my own, I’ll overreact And this is all just questioning And you’re […]

Lila Drew – numb Lyrics

Artist: Lila Drew Released: May 3, 2019 Genre: POP [Lila Drew] Twisted perception Worn out depression And I don’t like the way you say my name Rain soaked in pay […]