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Luke Christopher – USED TO LOVE Lyrics

USED TO LOVE Lyrics by Luke Christopher (Yeah) You’re not the one I used to love Is she still there inside you? Something happened to your heart You should’ve seen […]

Luke Christopher – BRUISES Lyrics

BRUISES Lyrics by Luke Christopher A philosophy You won’t be scared of the big bad wolf If your house is always made of bricks, and so it is She let […]

Luke Christopher – GHOST Lyrics

GHOST Lyrics by Luke Christopher How short this life is Let’s put that in writing And make it out to heaven, man, I’m sure that we could fight this You […]

Luke Christopher – ORIGAMI Lyrics

ORIGAMI Lyrics by Luke Christopher Why? Let’s not let this thing end in a fight Before we both go live our separate lives At least we know we did it […]

Luke Christopher – SOBER Lyrics

SOBER Lyrics by Luke Christopher Hey, it’s me. I was just calling, ’cause… I don’t know, I guess I was thinking about you and I was wondering if you think […]

Luke Christopher – IN THE NIGHT Lyrics

IN THE NIGHT Lyrics by Luke Christopher In the night, the starry night Getting high of these hopeful times Saying, “Oh, diddy-diddy, I’ve waited far too long” Through the night […]

Luke Christopher – HEART$ Lyrics

HEART$ Lyrics by Luke Christopher Such precious cargo you took for granted Let my heart follow you, now it’s stranded, still If hearts fell from the sky you still wouldn’t […]

Luke Christopher – TROUBLE Lyrics

TROUBLE Lyrics by Luke Christopher Trust me, you don’t want me, I’m just trouble There’s nothing you can say that’s gonna help But I’m not tryna be nobody’s trouble ‘Cause […]

Luke Christopher – JUST WATCH Lyrics

JUST WATCH by Luke Christopher Album: The Renaissance Released : 2018 Yeah, lookin’ in the mirror gettin’ startstruck Flirtin’ with the cougars at the Starbucks Some n****s born with it […]