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Category: Madeintyo

MadeinTYO - Money Up Lyrics

MadeinTYO – Money Up Lyrics

Money Up Lyrics By MadeinTYO Uh, uh, bitch you know you lyin’, no cap (Okay) ‘Bout to roll another one, yeah, and she throw it back (Ooh, ooh) Get your […]

MadeinTYO - Square Bitch Lyrics

MadeinTYO – Square Bitch Lyrics

Square Bitch By MadeinTYO Square bitch shut up (Uh) You’re not in my circle (Right) No way, bitch, shut up (Uh) Square bitch shut up (Yeah) Square bitch shut up […]

MadeinTYO – Stop Calling Lyrics

Stop Calling by MadeinTYO Ooh, I’m gettin’ top (Ooh) Why you think a nigga like me ain’t never stop? (Wam, wam, wam) Why you cheating, girl? Phone on lock (Skrrt, yeah) Overseas with a […]

Madeintyo – Funeral Lyrics

Funeral Lyrics by Madeintyo | Feat. MyNamePhin Actually you was cool, for a minute I thought that we was cool for a minute, we went to school for a minute […]