Madison Rose

Madison Rose – Dancin’ Til We Die Lyrics

Dancin’ Til We Die Lyrics – Madison Rose Love her, leave her alone She doesn’t answer the phone For a man, for free She runs on prosecco flavored gasoline If

Madison Rose – Lost My Mind (To the DJ) Lyrics

Lost My Mind (To the DJ) Lyrics – Madison Rose I lost my mind to the DJ one night He stole my head and my innocence I lost my mind

Madison Rose – ICONIC Lyrics

ICONIC Lyrics – Madison Rose I wanna walk like Tyra I wanna look like Linda Evangelista I wanna be Madonna Get you on ya knees like a preacher I wanna

Madison Rose – Moonlight Lyrics

Moonlight Lyrics – Madison Rose Wash my lip stain off your cup, you won’t forget my kiss She may have locked you down, but I set you free in my

Madison Rose – Sunshine Lyrics

Sunshine Lyrics – Madison Rose I been down, low on my luck Taken every shot, but I can’t give up Oh, I, can’t see too far up ahead The light

Madison Rose – Holographic (Dream Sequence) Lyrics

Holographic (Dream Sequence) Lyrics – Madison Rose Holographic, totally iconic Technicolor, supersonic Holographic, totally iconic Technicolor, supersonic Holographic, totally iconic Technicolor, supersonic Holographic, totally iconic Make a supersonic woman of

Madison Rose – Technicolor Lyrics

Technicolor Lyrics – Madison Rose Music sounds better, dancin’ even when I’m alone I lost the beat, had to find it all on my own If you’re not gonna let

Madison Rose – Better Off Alone Lyrics

Better Off Alone Lyrics – Madison Rose Paint a picture in my head Rewrite every word you said I get so lonely I forget All the reasons why I left

Madison Rose – Pure Oxygen Lyrics

Pure Oxygen Lyrics – Madison Rose Oh I’ve been wastin’ my time with anyone who’s not you, who’s not you Oh, and I don’t know if it’s fate or design

Madison Rose – DNA Lyrics

DNA Lyrics – Madison Rose (It’s in our DNA) Say you love me, say it loud Wanna feel ya, all around oh Who you are, just let it out Baby

Madison Rose – Valentino Lyrics

Valentino Lyrics – Madison Rose I’m your Valentino, slip me on and take me home Let me pull ya closer spendin’ too much time alone I can’t stop the feelin’