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Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song Lyrics

I Wrote A Song Lyrics – Mae Muller Oh, yeah Ooh When you said you were leaving To work on your mental health You didn’t mention the cheating, yeah You

Mae Muller – I Just Came To Dance Lyrics

I Just Came To Dance Lyrics – Mae Muller Was minding my own business ’til you caught my eye Your attitude, a little rude, and 6 foot 5 Your eyes

Mae Muller – Gone (Rosé cover) Lyrics

Gone Lyrics – Mae Muller I thought that you’d remember, but it seems that you forgot It’s hard for me to blame you when you were already lost Oh, yeah

Mae Muller – dependent Lyrics

dependent Lyrics – Mae Muller I think it’s happening I tried to run away But you’re under my skin like I’m under your covers babe And it feels really good

Mae Muller – plot twist Lyrics

plot twist Lyrics – Mae Muller (Whoa, Kenny) I’m known to fuck things up, I fall in love too fast I fall out twice as hard, I don’t want to

Mae Muller – nails so long Lyrics

nails so long Lyrics – Mae Muller I should feel bad but I don’t care I should feel sad but I don’t, yeah Sippin’ a flute, I am glowin’ Guilts

Mae Muller – bad things Lyrics

bad things Lyrics – Mae Muller You can say I’m annoyin’ I do things to annoy you Always sleeping ’til noon, I might not leave the room I just the

Mae Muller – wish u well Lyrics

wish u well Lyrics – Mae Muller There isn’t many songs where I listed some bad things because I was angry H-how we undo things, I’m not a misunderstanding, yeah-yeah-yeah

Mae Muller – work like that Lyrics

work like that Lyrics – Mae Muller You really thought that I wouldn’t find out? Well, I found out Keep your dick in your pants and my name in your

Mae Muller – HFBD Lyrics

HFBD Lyrics By Mae Muller I know I broke up with you on your birthday Should never have been with you in the first place ‘Cause you had me so

Mae Muller – so annoying Lyrics

so annoying By Mae Muller You drive me fucking crazy, you drive me up the wall We argue on the daily, you pushin’ and then you pull I try to

Mae Muller – Drama Lyrics

Drama by Mae Muller, Ms Banks, Caitlyn Scarlett (MAE) Yeah yeah yeah (MS BANKS) Eh ey ey ey (MAE) Yeah yeah yeah (CAITLYN) Drama (MAE) I don’t want no (MS

Mae Muller – Anticlimax Lyrics

Anticlimax by Mae Muller I used to think that you were kind and cool When we were young we were just kids at school If I’d have known what we’d